Just had an amazing skirmish this past weekend at Hollywood Sports Park!  We met up with the Samoan Juggernaut himself to see what he thought of the Boom Box.  After we went over everything the device could do, we ended up spending most of the afternoon meeting with other players who were drawn in by the mysterious, glowing, black box.


We ended up playing a few rounds with the Juggernaut and some random players and we’re proud to say that it was a hit!  I’m fairly sure the highlight of the evening was when the Juggernaut succumbed to the stress and forgot to start the bomb.  What was most satisfying for us was how this veteran player who had played in countless games and milsims had discovered a new way to enjoy his hobby.  He even admitted to feeling very tense during the game and had a huge sense of accomplishment upon hearing “the bomb has been defused”.  After the games, both he and the ref commented on how exciting it was to have a new way to play.

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