First of all, we apologize for the lack of updates on the blog.  It’s been a crazy few months after being featured by the awesome guys at Node in their Airsoft TTT videos (check them out here: link).  We had never anticipated the amount of support from the Airsoft and YouTube communities so we’d like to thank everyone for their positivity.  Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Keeping Up with Demand

After we met with the team from Node, we weren’t sure when they would have the Boom Box videos scheduled for launch.  We invested in keeping a limited quantity on hand and parts for additional boxes early on thinking we could keep up with the demand.  However, we sold out almost immediately after the first set of videos launched and we’ve been struggling to keep up with the orders.  If you’ve ordered recently and are waiting for your Boom Box, thank you for your patience!  Please keep in mind, we all have day jobs and invest our own personal time at night to design, test and build these Boom Boxes.

DIY Boom Box Kits

Many of you have been asking about DIY kits as a way to get Boom Boxes into other countries or at a lower price point.  We love the idea and there has been a lot of discussion internally about releasing a DIY kit.  We are still working on what this would potentially look like – how much pre-assembly do we do, how would we support all of the DIY’ers, etc.  As it is now, there is a lot of soldering and wiring that needs to be done and our concern is that we may end up with frustrated customers if not done properly.  We have a product page up for the kit so please fill out the survey so we know a little bit more about the demand and your relative technical skill levels.


With the surge in interest, we’ve also spent dozens of hours over the past few weeks designing and testing new circuit boards and acrylic cases with the goal of streamlining assembly.  While these Boom Boxes may look a little different (less wires running around, more prominent circuit boards, etc.), they would have all of the same functionality as the existing models but they would be easier to assemble and we hope to pass along those savings.

Additionally, we’ve always wanted to have a more advanced version with wireless communications, larger screens, GPS, additional inputs, etc.  We are in the early stages of porting the software to a more advanced micro controller which will support all of this.  From here, we would need to figure out how all of these features would play into the game modes and test them extensively.  If you have any thoughts about future models, please feel free to reach out.




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    1. I apologize for the late reply – due to personal and global issues, we’ve been scaling back our work on the Boom Box. The DIY kit is still on our roadmap but we haven’t had time to make the improvements we need in the design to allow for a DIY kit yet. We will continue to refine the design to allow for this and will update the community as we can. Thanks for your interest!

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