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Here at Hobby Forge, we believe that every hobby can be enhanced through a little ingenuity and engineering. The availability of tools like 3D printers, laser cutters and programmable micro controllers means you no longer need expensive equipment or specialized knowledge to build new ways to enjoy your hobbies. From Airsoft, to RC cars and many others, Hobby Forge designs, produces and distributes gear that you can use to get even more out of your hobbies.

What do we do?

We are tinkerers at heart and over the years, have picked up skills in a variety of fields:


We dream up big ideas and quickly set up prototypes using off the shelf-components.  This allows us to quickly tweak a display or input before moving forward.


Now that we have a vision of what the solution will look like, we begin writing the code.  We love Arduino’s for their flexibility and ease of use but can also leverage web applications as needed.

Circuit Design

Once the prototype is finalized, we design all of our circuits in-house and leverage partners to quickly prototype PCBs.


Many of our hobbies will test the durability of our tools.  We use modern CAD applications to design robust enclosures and devices that can be quickly and easily assembled.

What are you into?

Everyone should have at least one hobby…or as many as they can afford.  Here are a few of the hobbies we follow:


Airsoft guns add a sense of realism to shooting friends in your backyard.  The introduction of Military Simulations and Objective-based games add new ways to play the game.

Coming Soon


Digital photography has changed the way we see and capture images but that doesn’t mean film is dead!  We continue to embrace the hands-on methods and want to bring that to more people.

Check out the Boom Box


Check out the Boom Box


RC Vehicles

Cars, boats, planes – advances in battery technologies and radio communications have greatly expanded the options with RC vehicles.

Coming Soon


Everyone’s familiar with the concept of paintball – point, shoot, spray your friends with brightly colored paints.  While there are many forms of paintball, we hope to add more ways to play.