Take your game to the next level

Tired of running the same death match games over and over again?  The Boom Box unlocks brand new ways to shame your friends.  

Fun new game modes


Take turns attempting to plant or diffuse the device in the enemy base


Vie for battlefield domination to see who can hold key positions the longest


Carefully retrieve a virulent sample in your attempt to rule the world

  • Made in the USA

    The Boom Box was designed in Los Angeles, California by a group of airsoft enthusiasts. We carefully hand-assemble each unit here in the USA and fully back our products.

  • Versatile

    The vision for the Boom Box was a flexible device that could be used in a variety of scenarios. Its upgradeable software, ease of use and portability mean that you can use it it many different situations, with diverse groups of players and in any environment.

  • Rugged Case

    We know your matches can be hectic and your equipment will take a beating. The Boom Box comes in a strong IP67 waterproof/dustproof shell made to withstand your toughest games.