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The Boom Box will change the way you play airsoft.

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We are proud to introduce the Boom Box!

Are you tired of running the standard Team Death Match games?  Have you ever wished you could recreate some of your favorite modes from video games?  So do we!  The Boom Box is a great way for you to enjoy airsoft or paintball in new ways such as Bomb Diffusal and Domination modes.

Each Boom Box comes in a fully weather-sealed hard case so it can stand up to any abuse during your games. These cases are meant to be used and protect the custom electronics inside.

Inside each Boom Box is a laser-cut and etched 1/4″ thick plexiglass inner case that houses all of the electronics that make the Boom Box tick.  The device includes:

  • 2 segmented LED number displays
  • 1 OLED display
  • 2 LED strips
  • Various keypads, buttons and toggles
  • 2 speakers

Note: Due to safety issues with shipping batteries, you need to provide your own battery.  We recommend the following from Hobby King (link).  While the Boom Box can be powered from any standard 2S or 3S LiPo, the battery compartment will only securely fit a small stick type battery like the one linked above.

We’ve taken our favorite game modes and built them into the Boom Box:

Bomb Mode

Bomb Mode lets you play the role of terrorists or counter-terrorists who compete to set off or disarm the device.  The device can be set using either a pre-configured PIN or by holding down two buttons for a set time.  These settings are highly-customizable through the built-in menu system.


  • Countdown timer with audible beeps
  • Gyroscope to detect/prevent jostling and increase the danger
  • Incorrect codes will speed up the countdown

Sample scenarios include:

  • One team must plant the bomb at a predetermined site and defend it until it detonates while the other team must either prevent the other team from planting the bomb or getting access to the bomb and disarming it.
  • Each team has their own device and must set it off at the opposing team’s base.


Domination Mode

Domination Mode is a faster-paced mode in which each team fights to control the device.  Once they reach the device, they simply press their team’s button to claim the device.  The team that owns the device will gain points for every second that they can keep it from the other team.  Whichever team has the most points at the end of the game wins.

Examples of games include:

  • One device is left in the middle of the field and both teams have unlimited respawns.  They attempt to gain control of the device and score the most points.
  • Multiple devices are planted around the field and teams must strategically spread their members between the devices to go for the highest score.

Virus Mode

For a twist on the Bomb Mode, we’ve introduced the Virus Mode in which one team is attempting to steal and successfully transport the device back to their base.  The mechanics are very similar to the Bomb Mode making the learning curve easy for your players.  One team will be tasked with infiltrating the virus storage facility and moving the device back to their base without too much jostling.  The other team will be on guard duty to prevent the device from being stolen.

The story we use is fairly simple – one team is a group of terrorists who are trying to steal the sample of a deadly virus that is being stored at the CDC.  Once they get to the sample, they have to disconnect the sample’s containment unit from the building’s power supply.  At that point, they have a limited time to get the sample back to their base and reconnected to a power source.  However, the virus is suspended in a magnetic chamber and will be destroyed if the capsule is moved too violently or too frequently.  The team transporting the device will be alerted by audible beeps if they are shaking the device excessively.

Additional information

Weight 5.0 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 16 × 6 in

7 reviews for Boom Box

  1. tor

    this is nice

  2. Giovanni sanchez

    Why is it so expensive

    • Ryan

      Hi Giovanni, we acknowledge that the price is preventative for many but believe it is fair given the value it brings to your group’s experience. The materials and electronics alone make up a bulk of the cost as the Boom Box needs to be rugged enough to handle most scenarios. Beyond that, we hand assemble each device in the US rather than offshore the production which adds to our labor costs. Our hope is that fields and groups will see the value the Boom Box brings – thanks for your interest!

  3. Koosten Bean

    great product. would recconmend. 200/200

  4. Noice


  5. bryson watson

    I want to buy looks so cool but way to expensive for my family and i have a minimum wage job

    • Ryan

      Thanks for your interest. We do recognize that the Boom Box may be difficult for single players to buy but our hope was that friends and teammates could chip in since it would be enjoyed by all.

  6. matt

    I would like to buy it but I want sum stuff engraved on it

    • Ryan

      Hi Matt – we can definitely accommodate some customization to the top faceplate. Email me at to discuss.

  7. Red Fox Games (verified owner)

    We are a paintball and Airsoft field in SC. We currently own two of these at our field and for about half a year have used them for a variety of game modes. We actually hope to get a third one in the near future. They are supremely well made and hold up to abuse from both our paintball and airsoft customers. They are astonishing to look at and I have people who just want to sit playing with the boom box instead of playing the game at times. Customer service from these guys is very good I might also add. I could not recommend these more to any field airsoft or paintball. For any field on the fence they pay for themselves with customers that love to play with them and come back for more.

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