First of all, I hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying some down time with everything going on around the world.  I know many are feeling anxiety, sadness, and anger and we at Hobby Forge are no different.  No matter what side of the issues you land on, we believe that together we can do more.  Airsoft is a great example of this in that honesty, teamwork and passion are what make the game fun and enjoyable for all.  I’m sure you’ve seen or experienced incidents of violence on the field and it is on all of us to identify the causes and work to mitigate the issues to ensure we can continue to enjoy our time together.

As far as Hobby Forge and the Boom Box are concerned, we, like many other businesses have been affected both on a personal level and a global level.  The end result is that for the past few months, our work area has been shut down and most of our equipment packed up and stored for the short term.  I apologize for the back log on the Boom Box and many of you have reached out asking about when these will be back in stock.  I am happy to announce that we have a short term solution in place to continue producing Boom Boxes albeit in lower quantities than before.  We hope to add a few more to the inventory in the coming weeks!

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